Will You Be The First Person To Guess How Many Girls Are Actually In This Confusing Optical Illusion?

Will You Be The First Person To Guess How Many Girls Are Actually In This Confusing Optical Illusion?

Plenty of real optical illusions will always get our brain working! We cannot avoid but be amazed by these puzzles. Through the internet, there are now many interesting optical illusions that we can find online. Our brains have improved and it is now hard to fool us but we have to admit, we might have come across a puzzle that can have us scratching our heads.

One of these is a photo posted on Instagram by Tiziana Vergari, a Swiss photographer. She is a celebrated artist and she enjoys the social media fame that she receives over the years. He submitted this photo as a part of the websites’ #Whpidentity contest and unsurprisingly, this photo won the competition!

When this picture was first posted, Tiziana gave it a simple but straight to the point title:

“How Many Girls?”

Since the photographer was posing the question, many of her followers immediately tried to solve the puzzle. How about you? Will you be able to uncover the secret and the answer to this legendary picture?

When we first look at this puzzling picture, we automatically feel that this kind of puzzle is out of our league. Finding a bear out of hundreds of other objects in the picture, or maybe find out the hidden picture on a silhouette image, but this picture is definitely different from the optical illusions that we have encountered.

One reason is that all of these girls are wearing identical dresses, their skin, as well as their hair colors, are somewhat of the same hue. And even the expression on their faces is similar. By just looking at it, we can definitely say that there are 13 girls. But is this really the right number.

Everyone knows that the riddle of this image could not be that easy to figure out. Since everybody is going crazy about solving this question, it was starting to bring headaches to those who try to solve it.

As it turns out, Tiziana is usually enlisting her daughters to model in her photographs. Once the people knew about this, they were able to figure out the truth behind the ‘13 girls theory. ’ If the girls in the picture turn out to be her daughters, then the number would definitely be much lower than the first guess.

This clue can definitely help but there is still not enough evidence to make a correct assumption.

The next thing that you have to focus on would be there must be some sort of double-mirror trick involved in this picture. Take note of the girls’ heights, the jewelry that they wore, their hair lengths, and sure enough, there are less than 13 girls in this photograph. Still, it can be a confusing!

But how many are there? 2, 4, 7?

In the end, it was revealed that there were only 2 girls in this picture. If you have noticed the photographer made sure to take advantage of the mirrors to make it look like there’s a lot of girls. Some people never thought that there would only be two girls included in this puzzling photograph. If you were as surprised as we are, then this optical illusion definitely tested your skills!

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