How To Whiten Your Clothes Without Using Any Bleach

If you love wearing white, you know too well how hard it is to maintain it. Bleaching it is a solution but we know that when done incorrectly, it can damage your clothes instead of fixing it. If they are looking yellow or stained, or just not as white as when you first bought it, then your efforts are not working.

Sometimes, even though how much detergent you use and even bleaching it, it doesn’t work.

Did you know that there is an easy way to make your clothes whiter?

If you do not know this yet and if all else fails, then here are some of the most effective ways that you can try the next time you have to wash your most favorite white clothes.


You can dissolve six aspirins in a bowl of water and soak your stained laundry in it before you load it in your washing machine. This can help remove the stain and will make your white clothes whiter. You can do this before each wash and for sure, it will come out looking like new.

Baking Soda.

This is something that might already be available in your kitchen cabinet. But have you considered using them in your laundry cabinet? Maybe not. If you are loading your washing machine with your regular detergent, add baking soda since this can help scrub out any stains and your laundry cleaner and whiter.


This is often mixed with laundry so that clothes will come out cleaner. This can also be mixed with vinegar to make a paste which you can directly apply to the stain. Just let it set and toss it into your washing machine. Wash them as usual.

Dishwashing Detergent.

This is not only useful for your dishes, but it can also make your clothes cleaner and whiter. Toss some with your detergent when washing your clothes since this can help whiten your whites and remove any stains and dirt.

Hydrogen Peroxide.

This is a natural solution that can help remove the stains from your white clothes. Just apply a bit to the stain and let it soak before tossing it into the washing machine. The peroxide is proven to be effective in removing stains.

Low Heat On Dry Clothes.

Remember that the drier can also burn and stain your clothes. Sure, you were able to get the stains out when you washed it, but if you use too much heat when drying them, it can burn them. You might end up with dark and yellow spots. So keep it low to protect your clothes.

Vinegar and Lemon.

This is a traditional method of whitening white clothes. That is because both of these are strong and can help remove any stains not only in white clothes but in ANYTHING. You can try mixing a cup of vinegar with a cup of lemon juice in a bowl. Soak your stained white clothes in for half an hour then toss it in the washing machine with your regular detergent. Watch the magic as it comes out whiter and stain-free.

If you are using bleach, remember to only use it on cotton. If you notice that your whites start to yellow when you are using bleach, this could mean that the chemicals on your bleach are staining them. For non-cotton clothes, look for other ways to whiten them. Try the methods above and see which one works best for you.