Keep Your Car Keys Wrapped In Tinfoil

If by any chance you have noticed someone wrap their car fobs in tin foil recently and if you were left wondering why they did so but never get the chance to confirm why today is your lucky day because we are about to share a critical secret that might help you save your car from theft. There is a new way car owner are being scammed to steal their cars from them, to prevent that from happening to you or anyone you love the police has issued out a warning to car owners on how to keep their cars safe.

We know you would want to because cars are quite expensive and losing one is by no means a matter to joke around about.

This is why many people invest a lot of money to keep their cars safe and secure. They spend money on installing car alarms and services that help them track their car if it ever gets stolen. In the past, motorists would use a club to lock their steering wheel whenever they want to leave it parked. Merely seeing this most of the time is enough to deter a thief from trying to make away with the car.

However, this day, more advanced technology is used to keep cars safe. While these digital methods have gotten quite sophisticated over the years, the criminals have also gotten advanced in their game as well, and they are not attacking the complex security systems used on cars through their computers as well.

One of the ways they do this is to find vulnerabilities in the security system, and the car fob has now become the latest tool in their arsenal through which they hack into cars of an unsuspecting motorist to make it easier to break in and steal the cars. While this should scare you, the good news is that there is also a simple inexpensive way to stop that from happening.

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CEO of GuardKnowx Cyber Technology who is also a former Isreali Airforce member, Moishe Shlishel is teaching car owners a new hack that will help you keep your key fob secure from the prying eyes of hackers. While it might look crude, you will find that it is quite effective and sure. According to him, what you can do is to wrap your car fob in aluminium foil.

He also has a way for you to confirm if this method is effective or not.

“You know it works if you can’t unlock a car door when the fob is inside,” said Moshe. “The credit card holders don’t work because they’re essentially a net rather than a wall.”

Recently, automakers in Detroit invited Moishe to help them boost security, and he told them one of the areas they need to beef up security is with the key fobs. “This should be something we don’t need to wrap with foil. It’s 2018,” he said. “Car companies need to find a way so no one can replicate the messages and the communication between the key and the vehicle.”

He is not that thinks so, Holly Hubert who worked as a cybersecurity expert with the FBI till 2017 says although using an aluminium foil might not seem like an ideal solution, it is a cheap and straightforward way to safeguard your car.

While we hope that the automakers do something fast to address the situation, and fix this vulnerability in the car security system in the meantime get yourself some aluminium foil and keep your car safe.