People Are Offended By Message McDonald’s Writes In Window

Every Christian all over the world knows just how much Christmas means to them, and waits for it eagerly. It is just one day of celebrations, but the festive mood and excitement begin as soon as the beginning of December. The snow starts falling, offices are closed, and people all over the world gather with their families to celebrate the precious day when Jesus was born.

Children can be seen bubbling with excitement all over, and television channels make sure to play as many Christmas films and classics as possible. Even the manufacturing and producing industries recognize the season by offering special discounts and offers on their products in every store to honor the previous day.

One other tradition that will never be missed during any festive season is the decorations. The bid ‘ol Christmas tree will always be at the center of it all, decorated with golden balls all over, the big star at the top and an assortment of streamers. The idea is that Santa Claus, the father of Christmas, will pass by and drop some gifts under the tree for the children who have been good throughout the year.

This is why most kids may not be able to sleep on the night of Christmas Eve.

A new practice has also developed over the past few years and is quickly gaining popularity amongst people, especially those that own business premises and similar establishments. During the Christmas holidays, one can see that almost every business with glass doors and windows has painted the nativity scene on them. It usually features baby Jesus in his manger with his parents Joseph and Mary.

It is accompanied by festive words and phrases such as ‘He is born. ’ and ‘Joy to the World’.

In other variations, the family is also depicted with bright halos around them, or with the wise men who came to see Jesus standing over him and marveling. Others include the animals that were in the manger also looking at the tiny baby wrapped in swaddling clothes in awe as if understanding who he is.

In a recent picture that went viral quickly in the American social media, a McDonald outlet had also painted the nativity scene on their windows. A woman driving past the burger joint noticed the painting and took an interest in it. She captured it and posted it online with a caption that said that the scene had made her day.

The nativity scene showed Jesus and his parents Mary and Joseph with a cross above his head. There also the words ‘His name is Jesus’ and ‘Rejoice!’. The picture quickly went viral, and the owners of the joint could not understand why. Tony and Gina, his wife, have been painting the scene for years and were quite delighted when they learned that it was a viral subject on Facebook.

The couple has taken an extra step to stand for what they believe in express it without stepping over other people’s beliefs. It is not only a wonderful way of reminding people what Christmas is all about but also a courageous act of showing the world what they believe in and being proud of it. Gina and her husband are not ashamed of their faith, and they went right ahead to prove it.