This Southern Method To Cooking Corn Results In The Best Tasting You’ve Ever Had

Ever prepared corn this way before?

When you’re holding a summer BBQ and you find out that the guest list will be long, then it’s on you to find a recipe that will be able to feed a crowd. This corn on the cob recipe is definitely one that fits this bill. It is easy to put together, and it features a summertime favorite that is sure to please every single person in attendance.

It has been called “redneck cooler corn” or “corn in a cooler” and more and more people are continuing to swear by it.

Donald Boling put up a video on YouTube to explain he process and in the description, he noted, “This video describes how to make perfect corn on the cob. No need to watch any burners or anything.”

If you’re thinking of how possible this is, then watch the video and get some of the following supplies; corn on the cob, a plastic cooler, salt, three sticks of butter and three pots of boiling water.

Of course, the right way to begin is to shuck the corn and snap each ear in half. Then, put some room temperature water to the cooler before you throw in all of the corn.

So how do you transform this to something that looks delicious and cooked?

Just spread the corn so that it covers the bottom of the cooler completely. Throw in three sticks of butter and a generous amount of salt, then add the boiling water to the cooler. Close the lid and allow it to stand for about half an hour, then drain the water.

And you’re done!

Your corn should now be cooked to a perfect condition and since it is in an insulated cooler with the lid still on, the corn would be able to stay on for about two hours more.

The video was put up on YouTube, and a lot of people who dropped their comments were apparently fans of this method of coking.

One person commented, “This corn comes out perfect! Change nothing, just do as the video says.”

However, another commenter wondered why the corn wasn’t just cooked in a “crab pot,” where “it will be ready to be eaten in no more than 10 minutes… and it will still come out just as good”

One commenter explained that just as the man in the video noted, this method “frees up a couple of burners,” while another commenter noted: “Thing about that is you can overcook or even burn the corn in the pot. You have to be sure to watch it. Whereas the cooler method requires no attention and will never burn.”

One person spoke about how the cooler corn method was the best for tailgating, noting, “We have done this for when we are going tailgating at a football game. We prep before the drive there, then as we are going the water salt, butter, old bay, all swish around on the drive.

When you get to your parking spot, you have fresh cooked corn to eat while you’re waiting on the grill to fire up and do the other food. ”

For those who were concerned that the boiling water will end up melting the interior of the cooler, Donald spoke in the comments section “NO, you won’t melt the liner or should I say the liner hasn’t ever melted on me. It’s a fun event for the kids to clean the corn and prep it.”