Those Vintage CorningWare Everyone Loved Is Coming Back To A Store Near You

To those who love to spend their time in the kitchens – whether cooking or baking, then you should know that the iconic glassware dishes are making a comeback. It is now challenging to outperform the cooking and baking wares that you currently own.

The CorningWare dishes have been a staple in every family kitchenware products. Every home probably has it in the past. If you think you cannot find any of these anymore, you are wrong. They are back! You can now purchase them both in-store and online. Many of them come at affordable prices.

These cooking wares can withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures without breaking. They do not change in color and it will not affect the taste of your food. These are very popular for casseroles as well as any baking types.

This glass-ceramic based cookware can be taken from the refrigerator or your freezer and can be used directly on s stovetop. Once they are ready for cleaning, all you need is to put them in a dishwasher! Easy to use and clean.

The CorningWare dishes were created by accident in 1952. Dr. S. Donald Stookey, an employee of the Corning Glass Works company experienced an oven malfunction and cooked the material at 900-degrees Celsius. Dr.

Stookey was just testing a piece of glass that was used in early TV production. This ended up becoming the CorningWare cookware that we know of today. After the initial discovery of this heat-withstanding material, he sold it to the military and they used it for rockets.

In 1958, the company decided to start selling it as cookware. It was named “Pyroceram.” The cookware became the most kitchen must-haves for so many decades. These range/oven-to-table cookware was first featured in a blue cornflower pattern decoration by Joseph Baum. He is an artist at the Charles Brunelle Advertising Agency in Hartford, Connecticut. It then became the trademark of Corning products for three decades.

Eventually, its popularity declined and people just noticed that there were no longer sold in any store. The production of the original Pyroceram stopped in the early 2000s. The reason is to reduce the costs by eliminating under-utilized capacity and unprofitable product lines to increase the utilization of the remaining facilities.

This is why many people decided to took it to eBay to find some CorningWare cookware.

Corelle Brands which was then known as “World Kitchen” is now the brand that owns the Corningware cookware. They currently announced that the blue-and-white cookware that many of us love will be released in a full collection for their 60th anniversary!

This is good news for those who have been looking around trying to get their hands on this iconic cookware. The collection to be released by the Corelle Brand will include dishes in different sizes, a mug lid, a cornflower-pattered knife set, a three-piece ramekin set, and plates.

you can now find these most awaited CorningWare dishes at an affordable price on Amazon if you are fond of shopping online. You can also find part of the 60th-anniversary collection at the local Kohl’s store.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to have this collection, then check out Amazon or visit your local Kohl’s store before the CorningWare dishes are all sold out!