NCIS New Orleans plot hole: Fans uncover glaring LaSalle error

NCIS: NEW ORLEANS recently ended its sixth season on CBS but there’s good news for fans as the series has been renewed and Pride and co will be back soon.

CBS announced in May that NCIS: New Orleans, along with the flagship series and LA spin-off, would all be returning to screen for another season. However, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic bringing a standstill to TV productions everywhere, there’s still no release date set for Dwayne Pride’s (played by Scott Bakula) return. In the meantime, fans have been rewatching older episodes and one eagle-eyed viewer has spotted a rather obvious error involving Christopher LaSalle (Lucas Black).
The NCIS Senior Special Agent became a firm fan favourite with CBS viewers during his five-year tenure on the show.

Therefore, his exit in 2019 certainly hit CBS viewers as well as the characters on-screen hard.

While he experienced his ups and downs on the show, most notably the murders of his highschool sweetheart Savannah and brother Cade, LaSalle proved himself to be a successful and loyal colleague to Pride and the team.

However, in season six, his quest for revenge got the best of him and he was killed of NCIS: NOLA while trying to avenge his brother’s death.

In the episode titled Matthew 5:9, LaSalle tracked down the drug ring in Alabama he thought were behind Cade’s murder.

With the help of Sue-Ann Hughes (Lucy Faust), he was taken to the cabin where Cade had died.

However, as he took in the surroundings, Sue-Ann and LaSalle were ambushed.

A gunman burst into the cabin and unloaded a magazine aimed at the pair, prompting the agent to protect Sue-Ann and took a number of bullets to the gut.

Despite being airlifted to hospital, LaSalle eventually succumbed to his injuries, leaving Pride and the team devastated.

His death means NOLA fans will unlikely ever see Black reprise the role unless it’s as part of a flashback in the future.

However, for one eagle-eyed fan rewatching him in earlier episodes, they’ve spotted a clear error with his truck.

Throughout the series, fans have seen LaSalle ferrying about New Orleans in his 2015 pick-up truck.
Taking to online forum moviemistakes, one fan has spotted a clear blunder with the vehicle.

They explain: “LaSalle’s 2015 pickup truck is shown with a green Louisiana license plate.

“Those plates were only distributed in 2011 and 2012 in celebration of Louisiana’s Statehood Bicentennial.

“Furthermore, pick-up trucks in Louisiana are always provided with basic seven-digit plates with only the state name, the digits, and the state motto Sportsman’s Paradise.
They add: “The vehicle owner could request a vanity plate with a specific order of digits, or a sport’s design,

“But again, the statehood could not be one.”

Therefore, a key piece of detail close to the heart of LaSalle looks like it’s been wrong the whole time.